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Get your own solo box filled with a delicious array of sweets, chocolates and goodies. You'll be delighted to see it arrive!

The Solo box comes with free shipping and represents a saving on individual prices.

Part of the fun of these boxes is the surprise element, to give you an idea though contents will be a variance of the following:

1 x Jolly Rancher 35 gram Hard Candy Bag

1 x Warhead Extreme Sour Bag 28 gram

1 x Twizzlers 70 gram or similar

2 x Pop Tarts

3 x Standard size Chocolate Bar/ Box or Bag

1x Box of Nerds 47 gram

1x Lollipop

1 x Nerd Rope 26 gram

1 x Laffy Taffy Rope 23 gram

1 x Sour Patch Bag Kids/Watermelon or Tropical 56 gram

1 x Small Grapehead/ Redhot/ Lemonhead/ Cherryhead 23 gram

1 x Airhead Chew Bar 16 gram

1 x Bonus free Chocolate or candy bar

1 x bonus can of soda

17 items delivered to your door for £20! UK Wide delivery 2-3 working days