Sharer Box
Sharer Box
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Sharer Box

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Filled with goodies, we designed this box to be shared, however, that's your choice! Get yours now!

Part of the fun of these boxes is the surprise element, to give you an idea though contents will be a variance of the following:

1 x Jolly Rancher 198 gram Hard Candy Bag

1 x Warhead Extreme Sour Bag 56 gram

1 x Twizzlers 70 gram or similar

4 x Pop Tarts

5 x Standard size Chocolate Bar/ Box or Bag

1x Nerds Theatre Box 170 gram

2x Lollipop

2 x Nerds Rope Rainbow, Berry or Starwars 26 gram

2 x Laffy Taffy Rope 23 gram

2 x Sour Patch/Swedish Fish Theatre Box 99 gram

1 x Mike and Ike Theatre Box 141 gram

2 x Airhead Chew Bar 16 gram

1 x American Pringles Tube 158 gram

1 x Bonus free Chocolate Bar and Wonka Item

2 x bonus can of soda

Delivered to your door for £35.00! UK Wide delivery 2-3 working days.