Mega Box
Mega Box
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Mega Box

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You thought the Family box was good? Check out our Mega box! Perfect to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings! Mega Savings!!!

Part of the fun of these boxes is the surprise element, to give you an idea though contents will be a variance of the following:

3 x Jolly Rancher or Lifesavers 198 gm bag

1 x Warhead Extreme Sour Bag 56 gm

1 x Warheads Chewy Cubes 141 gm

1 x Jolly Rancher Chews box 58 gm

1 x Twizzlers Kingsize 141gm

16 x Pop Tarts

7 x Standard size Chocolate Bar, Box or Bag

1 x Kingsize chocolate bar

2 x Family Theatre Box approx. 170 gm

1 x Skittles or Starburst box 99 gram

1 x Big Crunch and Chew 142 gm

5 x Nerds boxes 47 gm

5 x Jolly Rancher Lollipop or Charms Blow Pops

3 x Small Grapehead, Redhot, Lemonhead, Cherryhead or Boston Baked Beans 23 gm

1 x Sour Patch Kids, Tropical or Watermelon 56 gm

1 x Hot Tamales 51 gm

2 x Nerds Rope 26 gm

5 x small chewy candy or rope

5 x Laffy Taffy Rope 23 gm

1 x Laffy Taffy Grape Bar 42.5gm

2 x Sour Patch/Swedish Fish Box 99 gm

3 x Mike and Ike family Theatre Box 141 gm

6 x Airhead Chew Bar 16 gm

2 x American Pringles Tube 158 gm

1 x Reese’s or Hersheys Dipped Pretzels 120 gm

10 x Hostess Twinkies Original, Banana, Choc or Peanut Butter

1 x Hubba Bubba Tape

1x Marshmallow Fluff tub 212.6 gm

1 x Ice Breaker Sour or Sour Berries

1 x Bonus free Chocolate Bar, Wonka Theatre Box, Wrigleys Chewing gum and M&M’s Choc Bar

4 x bonus cans of Soda and bottle of Calypso

Delivered to your door for £100! UK Wide delivery 2-3 days.